“A very high quality-made book.”

“Beautifully descriptive.”

“A pleasure to read.”


By Paul Cook.
LEATHER EDITION £105 plus £10 p&p



Front cover painting, and fully illustrated throughout, by Paul Cook.
Cover size: 245 mm x 190 mm
Slip-case size: 257 mm x 200 mm
Pages: 180 pages.
Print: Full colour throughout.
Binding: Fully bound in light grey coloured leather, with green and grey ‘top and tails’ to page spines, green ‘splashed’ tops to pages. Embossed to spine, front and back covers in green, gold and ‘blind’. Special red-petalled Himalayan hand-made endpapers. Gold silk page-marker with special illustrated card tab. Green curved-edge slip-case lined in maroon-coloured felt.


Paul Cook has become well-known for his commissioned artwork and the illustration of several angling books for various publishing houses, and his skills at hand-building traditional fishing tackle.

This, his first book, harks back to a time when carp fishing was still very much in its formative stages. Lost in a Quiet World is an autobiographical account of childhood experience concerning one boy’s pursuit of this species at a mysterious and private estate lake, through failure and success.

Carefully re-drafted from diary accounts, and lovingly illustrated by the author more than three decades later, the book not only serves as a charming reminder of the wonder that all anglers commonly share in the learning and understanding of their craft, but also offers an alternative, more gentle approach to our sport.

For more art by Paul Cook, visit www.artofangling.net

A very high quality-made book, complete with highly detailed illustrations by the author on all of the 180 pages. After an introduction, the book starts with a beautiful descriptive prologue, of which I can’t think of anything better to start this review other than giving you a little snippet to read. “With trembling hands the boy tears a piece of crust from a loaf of bread and pushes a hook between the soft folds of dough. Before casting out, however, he studies the scene again to make sure they have not moved. He is not disappointed. Slowly, gently he lobs the baited hook a short distance from the basking carp, to land on the pool with a muted plop, and with baited breath he settles himself to await events.” This book is a personal journey of the author as a child and his fishing adventures. From the local canals and rivers to the beautiful old estate lake called ‘Old School’ which he is allowed to fish whenever his father is called upon to work on the estate. He is given an old green-heart spinning rod by 96-year-old Mr. Simmonds and is helped in his early fishing days by Sonny the estate bailiff as a long-lasting friendship evolves. This is not a book about the conquest of huge fish, but an all embracing passion for angling. You can feel his real love for, and fascination with water and its inhabitants through all the failures and successes. It is a pleasure to read. – Traditional Fisherman
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