FOREWORD: by Peter Rogers.
INTRODUCTION: by Mick Cutler.
PROLOGUE: by Chris Tarrant.
Steve Aley, Les Aves, Chris Ball, Mark Barrett, James Benfield, Lord Ian Botham, Ian Breslin, Ken Brown, Peter Cardozo, Dave Chambers, Bev Clifford, Simon Cooper, Phil Crew, Tim Crew, Mick Cutler, Sir Gareth Edwards, Neville Fickling, Dean Fletcher, Dominic Garnett, Jim Gibbinson, Tony Gibson, Nate Green, Dai Gribble, Kevin Grozier, Stephen Harper, Shaun Harrison, Dave Horton, Brian Ingram, Charles Jardine, Keith Jenkins, Grahame King, Dave Lane, Simon Lavin, Paul Martin, Daren Norman, Nick Peat, Gary Peet, Mark Phillips, Rob Phillips, Budgie Price, Steve Ricketts, Martin Salter, Mark Simmonds, Pete Springate, Terry Theobald, Chris Turnbull, Phil Wakeford, Kevin Woodthorpe, Chris Yates.


by Mick Cutler
CLOTH-BOUND EDITION £35 plus £5 p&p

Cover size: 245 mm x 175 mm
Pages: 336 pages.
Print: Full colour throughout.
Binding: Cloth-bound in black (hardback), with gloss laminated dust jacket, embossed to front cover and spine, with ‘top and tails’.

Special ‘Fantastic fishes’ book-mark.

Leather-bound edition and Vellum-bound edition.
Email: for full details.


“Any book written in aid of a notable cause is a worthy project and this volume most certainly meets that criterion. Moreover, creating a work incorporating the gratis efforts of a goodly number of people aiming to achieve a common goal is very far from easy as I can personally attest, demanding determination, dedication, lots of effort and no little patience.

Fortunately, being fishermen, many of those virtues are also needed to succeed in our shared endeavours and when harvested in sympathetic manner by a skilled editor can realise not only a fine piece of work demonstrating the best efforts of all, but also a generosity of spirit rarely found in these materialistic times.

Rather a long time ago, I was involved in the production of a similar book (Red Letter Days) which fortunately received favourable reviews and, I am told, is still held in some regard. In this respect, the design and layout of this particular work pays something of a homage to my own, being deliberately constructed along the same lines. It is especially pleasing that this book bears a dedication to my late friend Frank Guttfield, who wrote the introduction to my book and was the inspiration to many in the formative days of big-fish angling.”


“It is an absolute masterpiece! The contents, print, illustration and every aspect of it is of a quality that we just don’t see any more! Brilliant! Really well done!” CHRIS TARRANT

“An impressive production. The quality of photo reproduction is excellent; the overall content impressive, too! Congratulations for what was obviously a massive undertaking. You can feel justifiably proud of your achievement.” JIM GIBBINSON

“First impressions are it’s a WOW! High quality line drawings of fish captures and specimen fish punctuate each chapter and probably no single book I have ever seen contains so many whoppers, including British record fish too. A high quality book, a great read and one of the best compilations, if not the best, I have had the pleasure to read. Well recommended.” MUSKIE

“This book is fantastic!” LEE JEFFRIES

“‘Fantastic fishes’ looks amazing – such a professional job!” NIGEL YAPP

“An absolute GEM and a masterpiece of a book” JOHN GRANT

“‘Fantastic Fishes’ is absolutely superb – the design, chapters, artwork, and photographs are an inspirational read for all anglers.” SIMON COOPER

“‘Fantastic Fishes’ – bloody fantastic reading; very well done! The mahseer chapter alone was worth the price of the book!” GRAHAM SLATER

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