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ESOX lucius

By Mick Cutler.
LEATHER EDITION £205 plus £10 p&p

Front cover painting by David Miller.
Limited to: Only 20 copies – numbered and signed by the author.
Slip-case size: 258 mm x 184 mm
Pages: 320 pages.
Print: Full colour throughout.
Binding: Fully bound in light blue-coloured leather, with red-coloured tops to pages. Embossed in white, red and black foils to covers and spine. Special ‘Himilayan’ large red petalled, hand-made endpapers; bookplate. Red silk page-marker and red ‘top and tails’ to book spine. Red, curve-edged slip-case lined with light blue felt,

From the introduction

Esox lucius, the pike, has engendered fear and hatred in many people and yet affection, respect and awe in others. A creature so ferocious, yet so fragile, the pike has survived for millions of years, existing long before the arrival of Homo sapiens. It is one of the great success stories in the natural history of planet Earth, where it has adapted to fulfil its predatory role across the northern hemisphere.

Remarkably, Esox lucius has managed to do this despite being systematically maligned, persecuted and slaughtered. Thankfully, we now live in more enlightened times, where most now recognise the importance of the species in a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.

Such change didn’t come about by accident and the turning point came in 1977, with the establishment of the Pike Anglers’ Club. Conservation minded anglers and fishery owners followed, to make everybody aware that our ecosystem needs pike, and acted to stop their senseless killing. Since then, we have seen a ‘golden age’ for both pike and pike angling.

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