“Rivals Chris Yates…”


“Written with depth and sensitivity.”

“A man whose way with words could make him one of the greats.”


Written and illustrated by Stephen Harper
CLOTH-BOUND EDITION £55 plus £5 p&p

Limited to: Only 16 copies
Cover size: 222 mm x 142 mm
Pages: 207 pages.
Print: Full colour throughout.
Binding: Cloth-bound in mid-green (hardback), with gloss laminated dust jacket, embossed in gold on spine. Dark green endpapers.

A very limited number of signed, mint, first edition copies from 1991 are available.


“From the minnows and gudgeon of childhood, angling paths lead the author over the years to a variety of beautiful and atmospheric waters; tree-shrouded lakes, reed-fringed rivers, wind-swept broads – in pursuit of Britain’s freshwater fishes, including the captures of 30-pound carp, 30-pound pike and double-figure barbel, plus stories of many other species. These angling pursuits finally culminate in what is perhaps his greatest angling achievement to date, the capture from southern India of a massive 104-pound golden mahseer.”


“…rivals Chris Yates for grasping that appealing combination of atmosphere, nostalgia and reality – stands alongside the best pieces of specialist angling writing to emerge in many a long day.” TIM PAISLEY

“A fishing book par excellence. A book written by a real angler about real angling, penned by a man with soul. Unputdownable!” JOHN WATSON

“Sometimes, from out of all the dross, comes gold; an author who writes in depth, with sensitivity; with real feeling for his subject.” JOHN BAILEY

“These stories are told with a sincerity which can only come from someone who has experienced something first-hand; written by a man whose way with words could make him one of the greats.” KEVIN WILMOT, ‘Improve Your Coarse Fishing’

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